Innovative Cleaning Solutions

Areas of Service


Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning options include:

  • Restroom cleaning

  • Trash collection

  • Sweeping, mopping, and polishing or waxing of floors

  • Disinfecting high touch areas

  • Stairs, elevators and other high traffic areas

  • Surface dusting

  • Kitchen or lounge cleaning

  • Reception areas and foyers

  • Vacuuming of carpets, rugs and upholstery

You may not always need the weekly or daily office cleaning services businesses typically undergo. You can contact us at any time for a price quote on periodic or annual office cleaning services such as pressure washing, window washing, holiday or seasonal office cleaning.

carpet cleaning

We Use Professional Products And Equipment

Many people are worried about using the right cleaning products, over saturating the carpet, damaging the fibers, or making stains worse. Other people are concerned with using the wrong equipment or rentals that might yellow or otherwise damage the carpet fibers. B&G Janitorial services provides professional carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services to help alleviate those problems. With years of experience in offering carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services, we know what products and methods to use to get any carpet looking new again. And we will always spot test our methods on your carpet before proceeding with the entire room.

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing Services Pays Off In The Long Run

It pays to use B&G Janitorial Services carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services to extend the life of flooring, as any business owner knows how costly it is to replace large areas of carpeting. Clean carpets also make a good impression on clients and employees alike. Every worker deserves a clean and sanitary working environment and that begins with the carpets and flooring.

In general, deep carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services should be scheduled once per year, depending on the amount of traffic and color of the carpet. This would be in addition to everyday cleaning, vacuuming, and maintenance. The deep cleaning and shampooing is what really revitalizes a carpet.

event services

At B&G Janitorial services, we know what it takes to keep events running smoothly and we’re invested in your event’s success. We know how quickly problems can arise, and how an even quicker response is essential to keeping things on track. More importantly, we’re experts in keeping the appearance and cleanliness of any venue top-notch, no matter the space or situation.

With event cleaning services from B&G Janitorial services, you’re assured:

  • Large and Small Venue Cleaning. Our event cleaning services can manage the needs of spaces of any size and events of every type.

  • We’re Event-Prep Experts. Our teams understand that the foundation for your event’s success will be laid before the first guest arrives. That’s why we work with you to get your venue looking its absolute best prior to your guests’ arrival.

  • Specialty Floor Cleaning. Our event cleaning services include detail cleaning of floor surfaces including marble, hardwood, carpeting, tile, and concrete.

  • Total Disinfection. With our cleaning technology, full-coverage, hospital strength disinfection is possible for any venue. Best of all, this system is completely non-toxic.

  • Superior Bathroom Cleaning. Our event cleaning teams fight germs and bacteria in restrooms and ensure they stay clean and safe throughout the duration of your event.

  • Quick, Responsive, Adaptable Service. We keep on our toes to make sure we’re there when you need us. When challenges arise, we rise to the challenge.

  • A Professional Image. We believe in keeping a professional image, and we believe in keeping your event secure. That’s why our event cleaning services teams work in full uniform with easy-to-read ID tags.

B&G Janitorial services are available for one-time-only events or regularly scheduled occasions.

janitorial services

At B&G Janitorial Services, we believe that everyone should have a clean, healthy, and sanitary living and working environment. Our janitorial services are designed to provide just that for our customers. When we send our staff to a client to provide the most effective janitorial services we have to offer, we are looking to build a relationship beyond just business. Because our customers trust us to keep their buildings clean and well maintained, we treat their business spaces like our homes. In the end, we strive to create a family-like relationship with our valued customers through impeccable service and thorough B&G Janitorial Services.

Deep cleaning

Any time a customer opens a new office, expands their floor space, renovates a room, or moves their employees to new offices, there’s a good chance of a mess being left behind. Company parties, an open house, a visit from corporate management or key customers, or any special events are all good examples for needing additional one time cleaning services. Some companies have distinct seasonal demands or yearly or quarterly ‘crunch times’ that require extra manpower to clean up after.

property & building maintenance

Some of our general property maintenance services include:

  • Exterior areas. Our building maintenance team checks and maintains property drainage and grading to prevent water buildup. We keep sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas free of hazards. We make sure all ventilation areas are cleaned and working properly.

  • Exterior structures. Our property maintenance services also cover exterior structures, such as protective coatings and finishes, structural members, foundation walls, handrails on stairways, and the integrity of all doors and windows.

  • Interiors. Our building maintenance crew makes sure all the interior structural members are secure, stairways and walkways are clear and have handrails where needed, and all doors and emergency exits are working properly and clearly accessible.

  • Fixtures and lighting. Our building maintenance services include repairs on fixtures and equipment, replacing light bulbs and repairing broken fixtures, ensuring adequate ventilation and climate control, and keeping all of the kitchen and bathroom appliances running well.

We tailor our property maintenance services to each building and each client’s unique needs. We can create a custom cleaning solution in addition to our property maintenance services for a comprehensive plan that will keep your building running in optimal condition. All of this to provide you with high caliber building maintenance service you can trust.